About Faith Channel

What Is Faith Channel?

  • Faith Channel is one of the fastest growing online television networks in faith-based media.
  • We focus on new technology and emerging media. Faith Channel currently broadcasts in Hi-definition over the internet, IPTV, smart phones, mobile tablets and Roku.
  • Faith Channel consists of contemporary ministries, live services, talk shows, reality shows, game shows, sports shows, sitcoms, comedies, historical shows, documentaries, music entertainment shows, made for TV dramas, movies and much more. It’s anything and everything Christ-centered and media based.
  • Faith Channel integrates social networking into TV with Facebook, Twitter and Faith Channel commenting boards that can be found on the homepage of FaithChannel.com, directly next to the media player. This allows viewers to advertise your show as they watch!
  • Faith Channel also features live events from all over the world.

Faith Channel History.

Tim Gray, owner of Gray Media, has had the vision to put the gospel on the web for over 15 years. In fact, he was the first guy to stream a Christian event live (it was “Washington For Jesus” back in 1996). He wanted to blend technology with the simple message of the gospel, and create an environment where people could interact around that message. Sure, other websites stream videos, so that’s nothing new. But Faith Channel is the first to connect local church ministries with their local newspapers, mobile devices, and IPTV all at once.

Faith Channel is a digital media network that lets people hear, see, and interact with the gospel on anything with a screen. You can watch Faith Channel on your computer, mobile device, and (eventually) your TV. Our mission is to make the gospel as accessible as possible, free of charge to viewers.